Fish from China sold under “Icelandic Seafood” brand

Fish from China sold under “Icelandic Seafood” brand

According to , a lot of fish sold under the Icelandic Seafood brand name is not Icelandic. Some of the products, like tilapia, come from China.

The company, Icelandic, which owns the brand Icelandic Seafood is owned by The Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund. The fund’s director, Herdís Dröfn Fjeldsted, says that the brand was rented to a Canadian company called High Liner Foods in 2011.

In the interview with Vísir, Herdís says that the contract with High Liner Foods will expire in December 2018 and that Icelandic’s long term policy is to only offer Icelandic fish under the brand. That, she says, will take time, and after the contract expires, the Icelandic Seafood brand should live up to its name.

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