Mosfellsbær residents find dead trout in polluted Varmá river

Mosfellsbær residents find dead trout in polluted Varmá river

Something nasty is going on in the town of Mosfellsbær, situated about 15 minutes drive from downtown Reykjavík. Since June, the residents have reported increased pollution in the river Varmá that runs through the town. It seems the pollution has increased in the last few days, since the river turned gray and oily, .

Unfortunately, Mosfellsbær’s residents noticed a lot of dead trout in the river last Friday. The town’s health inspector didn’t get a sample of the polluted water in time, but suspects the pollution might be caused by rain water from nearby streets.

According to Rúv, the inspector asks people not to pour soap or any polluting material down the drains in parking lots or the streets, since it might end up in the river. He also warns hot tub owners not to dump hot and chlorinated water into the drains that lead to the river. This is especially true for older neighborhoods where cleaning- and filtering systems are not in place.


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