Composer Gudnadottir nominated for the 2017 Harpa award (Video)

Composer Gudnadottir nominated for the 2017 Harpa award (Video)


Icelandic cellist and composer has been nominated for the 2017 with her score for Balthasar Kormakur’s feature film The Oath (Eidurinn)

Other nominees for best score are Danish for his score to Martin Zandvliets drama “Land of Mine”, Norwegian for his score to Hannes Holms comedy “En mand der hedder Ove”, Swedish/Finish for his score to Ville Jankeris comedy, “Onnenonkija” and Swedish for her score to Alexandra-Therese Keinings drama “Pojkerne”.

The award will be handed out at Cannes, May 201 in connection with Directors Fortnight and in cooperation with ECSA.

“her score for “The Oath” has been hailed as a major success, complementing every scene with a confident vision of the correct angles and moods, serving the film perfectly. Her very modern sense, combined with her classical background, makes for a rare outcome in this most outstanding score of the year in Icelandic filmmaking. At a reasonably young age she has, with her score to The Oath, created an identity, which is both original and stylish”

is a veteran in contemporary music despite her young age, she’s a classically trained cellist and has played and recorded with a wide range of bands such as Pan Sonic, Throbbing Gristle and Mum, as well as her solo project Lost in Hildurness. She has also toured with Animal Collective and drone metal band Sunn O))). Gudnadottir has released four critically acclaimed solo albums and composed music for theatre, dance performances and films. The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Icelandic National Theatre, Tate Modern, The British Film Institute, The Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm and Gothenburg National Theatre are amongst the institutions that have commissioned new works by Gudnadottir.


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