Fitness band becomes trendiest gift in Sweden

Fitness band becomes trendiest gift in Sweden

Fitness band becomes trendiest gift in SwedenA fitness armband has become the most sought after Christmas present, according to a Swedish retail Organisation’s ‘Christmas Gift of the Year’ study.

Each year HUI Research carries out a survey to find out what the most in demand Christmas gift is. Last year a juice extractor came out on top and, following in that trend, it seems health and fitness is of upmost importance among Swedes given that it is a fitness band that has taken over this time out.

But it’s not just the popularity of the item in the build up to Christmas that is important, because to be named ‘Christmas Gift of the Year’ it must have generated interest throughout the year, represented a general trend and sold in high quantities.

As Swedes continue to opt for the healthy lifestyle, the fitness armbands have grown in popularity throughout the year. In addition to storing data from your workout, they also have sensors that can monitor your sleep and pulse to give a better overall picture of your health.

HUI Research said that the band has been around for a while now, but only this year has it generated so much interest. It revealed the growing trend shows people are becoming even more concerned about being active and remaining healthy. Meanwhile, the company predicts that sales during the festive period will rise by 1.5 per cent to roughly 68bn kronor.

The first ‘Christmas Gift of the Year’ winner was a bread maker in 1988.

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