Christian mission promotes sex over religion

Christian mission promotes sex over religion

Christian mission promotes sex over religionA Christian organisation in Norway has been left red-faced after a printing error led to them promoting sex over religion.

“When the lusts are ignited” was what went out on thousands of pamphlets from the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) rather than the intended “when the lights are ignited”. To add to the embarrassment, the typing error featured on the third page of the missionary’s Christmas brochure.

Tom Teien, the organiation’s head of publishing, described it as the “printing error of all time”, explaining that he wasn’t aware it had happened but after the brochure went out they were informed that an extra letter had been put in. This, in Norwegian language, was what caused the comical mistake.

He went on to say that the incident had grabbed people’s attention as they found it funny, adding that he hoped the error would help the mission’s popularity. However, he said the brochures containing the mistake would now be made available as limited editions and that the spelling error would be corrected before the next print took place.

This year marked the 55th edition of ‘Jenta fra hoyfjellet’ (The Girl from the Mountains), a Christmas pamphlet that is sold at Christmas markets and in book shops.