Children’s Christmas house awarded in Iceland

There is a house in Reykjanesbær, on a road they call Túngata. It’s been the joy of many lucky boys and girls; and Christmas knows, it’s festive.

Two days after the winter solstice is surely reason enough for the strangely out-of-place House of the Rising Sun homage…especially on a joyful day like Christmas Eve, right?

And talking of Christmas: the above-mentioned house in southwest Iceland has been delighting children of all ages because of its decorations, inside and out, for years. The owner bought his decorations in Iceland and abroad; as well as making some of them himself.

Hallbjörn Sæmundsson is a big fan of Christmas, and has been decorating his house lavishly for years – and always with the littlest of children in mind. He says that kids are sometimes forgotten about it the rush to decorate each year, because they enjoy figures, statues and ornaments more than Christmas lights. That is why they come in droves to see the outside of his house.

But the adventure only gets more intense when one steps into the house, RÚV reports. Hallbjörn is a retired fisherman and has been collecting Christmas decorations for many years. He says that while his shipmates used to go straight to tool and hardware stores when docked in new ports, he would be seeking out new Christmas decorations.

Hallbjörn was this month given a special award from Reykjanesbær council for his services to Christmas; because a trip to his place has become a staple of children’s Advent celebrations all over the town.

Reykjanesbær seems to be Iceland’s Christmas town, as this is the second such story to appear here on IceNews. The other can be read here.

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