Angler makes a splash with record breaking catch

A retired policeman has smashed a world record, reeling in a 244 kg halibut in Senja, northern Norway. Reinhard Wuhrmann, 62, battled with the beast for three hours and was eventually forced to haul his catch aboard with a rope, after its weight snapped his prize rod in two.

The Atlantic halibut, which was 2.51 metres from teeth to tail, tipped the scales at 244 kg, beating the previous record by a whopping 26 kg. Mr Wuhrmann has now honoured a bet made with his shipmates to shave off his beloved beard.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, skipper Ulrich Alstetter, 53, said, “It was an incredible experience and we are very proud. Reinhard was very tired afterwards but also intoxicated by the experience and by claiming a world record. We had made a bet to shave his beard if he caught the biggest fish. Like a good sport he went through with it.”

He added, “The halibut took Reinhard’s little jigg bait and his rod bent over double. We all watched for a few minutes and then it became clear this was going to be a big fish. After about 90 minutes of Reinhard trying to reel it in, his rod broke in two from the pressure it was under. It was his favourite rod.”

“Because I am taller than him I took what was left of his rod and after another hour the fish was alongside the boat. It was then seen for the first time and it was a huge fish. It then shot another 100 metres deep and it took me another 15 minutes to bring him up and another 15 minutes to get a rope around it. It was a team effort but Reinhard was the official catcher.”

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