Reykjavik Nordic House to hold open-house for Norway victims

The Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland will open its doors this afternoon for everyone wishing to show their solidarity with Norway following Friday’s terror attacks.

The period of togetherness has been organised by the Nordic House, the Nordic Society and the Norwegian Association of Iceland, and will begin at 17.00 this afternoon. Everybody is welcome.

The aim of the get together is to create a place for people to come together in comfortable, welcoming surroundings and show their respects for the victims of the attacks, and their loved ones.

The Norwegian embassy condolence book will be available for guests to sign. Coffee and cakes will also be served.

The Nordic House is located in the Vatnsmyri area of the city, near to the University of Iceland, the domestic airport and the Arni Magnusson Institute.


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