Icelandic unemployment at 8.5 percent

In the second quarter of this year there was an average of 15,800 unemployed people in Iceland — or 8.5 percent of the workforce.

According to Statistics Iceland, unemployment was 9.5 percent among men and 7.4 percent among women.

The rate of unemployment was highest among 16-24 year-olds; or 18.6 percent.

According to RUV, in the second quarter of the year 3,900 people had been unemployed for a year or longer. At the same time last year the number of long-term unemployed stood at 2,700 people.

This means that long-term joblessness is increasing in Iceland. Those unemployed for a year or more account for 24.7 percent of all unemployed people. 16.9 percent of unemployed people were long-term this time last year.