Greenlandic child rushed to Icelandic hospital following shooting

A seven year-old Greenlandic girl has been flown to Iceland for emergency surgery after she accidentally shot herself.

The young girl was playing with her father’s gun when it went off, leaving her seriously injured. However, after surgery in Iceland she is now recovering well.

The girl underwent abdominal surgery at Reykjavik’s Landspitali hospital on Sunday night and was kept on a ventilator until she was able to breathe by herself on Monday morning.

DV reported that she was flown to Iceland from Kulusuk in a specially-equipped ambulance plane, owned by Myflug. The young girl is from the small town of Tasiilaq; meaning she had to be transported to Kulusuk by helicopter. Her father joined her on the painfully long journey to Reykjavik.

The Myflug aeroplane left Iceland for Greenland to fetch the girl at 15.00 on Sunday and returned with her to Reykjavik at 21.00 that evening.