Serious traffic accident in Iceland: 11 hospitalised

A traffic accident yesterday in north Iceland involved three cars and left 11 people in hospital, two of them seriously injured.

DV reports that two people are in a very serious condition at Reykjavik’s Landspitali hospital following yesterday’s accident at Vididalur. According to hospital sources, one man received emergency surgery due to head injuries incurred in the accident and another is in intensive care. One other person is in a general ward.

A total of 11 people were taken to hospital after the crash; nine by helicopter and two by ambulance. However, the majority of the patients were allowed to leave hospital yesterday evening.

Two of the three cars contained foreign tourists and Icelanders were in the third car. Nothing more is yet known about what caused the accident on Route 1 near Grof. The road was closed for much of yesterday because the accident debris took up both lanes. It was soon re-opened, however.

Luckily nobody died in yesterday’s crash. Six people have died on Iceland’s roads so far this year. 31 people died in 2006; but that figure has been significantly lower each year since. Just eight people died in traffic accidents in 2010.