Icelandic MP moves to new political party

Asmundur Einar Dadason, the independent Icelandic member of Althingi who resigned from the Left Green party earlier this year, yesterday joined the Progressive Party.

A statement from Dadason says that: “The Progressives has fought hard against the unlawful claims of the British, the Dutch and the EU in the Icesave dispute. In so doing, the party showed great perseverance and stood with the majority of the nation from day one.”

The MP also says he feels the Progressive Party has changed for the better under the leadership of Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, Visir reported.

Asmundur Einar Dadason was elected to parliament for the Left Green Movement in 2009; but resigned from the party’s parliamentary group in April this year. He said at the time that his main reason for leaving was that he couldn’t support the coalition government (which the Greens are part of) while they are still pressing ahead with Iceland’s EU application.

Atli Gislason also resigned from the parliamentary Left Greens in April, along with Lilja Mosesdottir. Gislason told Visir he is not surprised by Asmundur Einar Dadason’s decision; saying it has been in the pipes for a while. Gislason and Mosesdottir’s position as independent MPs is not about to change though, he assured.

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