Gangsters ‘too scared’ to sign on

Gang members are turning up at unemployment centres in Copenhagen with body guards and bullet proof vests, according to social workers. Some also refuse to sit in the regular waiting areas for fear of meeting members of rival groups.

The ongoing conflict between gang communities in Denmark’s capital city means that many members feel too scared to turn up for activation appointments, according to Ekstra Bladet newspaper. “The social workers cannot do much about that because they can’t control the information they are given,” an anonymous source said.

Despite being exempt from job training programmes, the gangsters still manage to turn up for compulsory meetings every three months in order to continue receiving their social security cheques. Employment minister Inger Stojberg has called on Copenhagen City Council to remedy the problem.

Mayor Frank Jensen also expressed concern about the system. “I find it hard to understand that people who are so deeply involved in gang crime can claim to be available to the job market and thereby qualify for social services,” he said.

Deputy mayor for employment and integration, Anne Mee Allersley, has vowed to look into the matter.