North Iceland foil factory caught red handed polluting fjord

It was revealed yesterday that the aluminium foil company Becromal in North Iceland has been polluting Eyjafjordur with caustic soda waste.

Kristin Linda Arnadottir, director of the Environment Agency of Iceland, says the agency intends to investigate thoroughly. The matter is serious, she said. “They have broken the terms of their licence and that is naturally very serious in our opinion,” she told RUV. She added that Ph readings from the fjord are being taken regularly by the company and that Becromal is due to send the results on 1st May.

Chairman of the Icelandic Environment Association, Bjorgolfur Thorsteinsson, believes that the news of water pollution from Becromal is extremely worrying; saying that the case should be investigated and dealt with without delay.

Svandis Svavarsdottir, Minister for the Environment, wants to tighten controls on polluting industries and believes the Environment Agency should re-evaluate its monitoring procedures for such companies. The breach of rules that Becromal has been getting away with in Eyjafjordur must not be allowed to be repeated, she said.

Meanwhile authorities in the nearby town of Akureyri say that Becromal has betrayed the trust the townspeople had invested in it; adding that there is no doubt the company was releasing the waste caustic soda on purpose, likely to save money.