Storm causes travel disruption in Iceland

A storm which hit Iceland last night brought with it warm temperatures and high winds. Most of the snow in low-lying areas has already melted away — but a lot of travellers got in serious trouble on snowy mountain roads.

A large number of people in some 20 different cars got stuck on West Iceland’s Holtavorduheidi mountain road — one of the country’s busiest and most dangerous stretches. Rescue teams had to go up the mountain to help. reports that attempts were first made to tow the cars down; but that in the end the cars had to be left in-situ and just their passengers taken to lower ground. People were taken to the Stadarskali services and spent the night sleeping at Reykjaskoli school. The cars remain on Holtavorduheidi and will be retrieved as soon as weather allows. Meanwhile snow ploughs have managed to clear the road and it is once again passable; but not easily.

Rescue workers also had to assist drivers stuck on Brottubrekki and Frodarheidi on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, and Oxnadalsheidi was also closed last night.

Nobody is thought to be missing. Both the national roads administration and the met office have warned of continuing bad weather and poor driving conditions.

There are delays and cancellations on all internal flights today, but international flights are largely unaffected.

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