Crazy Icelandic weather a YouTube hit

The most popular video about Iceland on YouTube has nothing to do with Eyjafjallajokull, Bjork, rotten shark or (heaven forbid) Icesave — instead it is about the cold hard reality of life out on the ocean wave aboard a fishing trawler.

Over 4.6 million people have watched the YouTube video about the boat Smaey VE as she navigates improbably high seas near the Westman Islands. That is the same number of people as live in Norway. The video shows the trawler dancing around like a discarded cork in the winter storm, DV reports.

“Next time you’re having your fish & chips at the seaside, or your prawn cocktail at Christmas or in a restaurant, please spare a thought for the way it was brought to your table, and raise a toast for ‘absent friends,'” writes one YouTube commenter rather poetically; while another succinctly adds: “I would sh*t my pants”.

The video is called “Rough seas iceland: Fishing in Iceland over the winter time in 34m/s wind” and is shot by Tomas Marshall.

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