The madness of bottled water: a strange case study

It has been revealed that Iceland is importing water from the Faroe Islands, despite arguably having the best water in the world.

There is no shortage of good, clean water in Iceland – but water is nevertheless imported to Iceland from the Faroe Islands.

The water is not for Icelanders, however – but rather for re-shipping to the Faroe Islands. Nearly all the Faroese water goes to an alcoholic drinks manufacturer in Borgarnes.

RUV reports that the Faroese are no different to Icelanders in their belief that they have the best water in the world. That is why they want to have their own water in their own wine, ‘fire water’ and ‘water of life’, all of which are produced in Iceland exclusively for the Faroese market.

Transporting large amounts of water over long distances is a very carbon intensive business; and many argue, completely pointless.

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