Iceland has more than one Justin Bieber

There was no prime-time national search on TV and no newspaper appeal; but Iceland has, nevertheless, managed to find its own answer to the pop darling Justin Bieber…but Iceland is getting twice as much Bieber for its buck!

Twins Johannes and Steinn Thorkelsson began at Reykjavik’s respected Verslo school this autumn and it has been something of a whirlwind ever since. Both twins bear a striking resemblance not only to each other, but also to Canadian Justin Bieber – the hottest property in the pop world today.

“We first started hearing this about a year ago,” says Steinn – adding that the comparisons have been coming thick and fast in correlation with Bieber’s rise to fame in Iceland. “It often happens that people start to sing Justin Bieber songs when they see me,” Johannes told The boys were born in 1994 – the same year as Justin Bieber.

Both twins deny trying to look like Bieber. “We have had this haircut since we were little,” Johannes states. And the similarity between the three teens’ hair styles is indeed striking. “It is not intentional, we are not especially big Bieber fans,” Steinn confesses.

But, despite that, they take the comparisons in good humour – and both are natural performers. See the twins in action in the video .

(Photo: Daniel Ogren)