Fraud case causing psychological upheaval for Icelandic tax workers

Skuli Eggert Thordarson, Commissioner of the Icelandic Inland Revenue, says that several of his staff have needed counselling after it emerged that one of the department’s employees had helped defraud the state of ISK 270 million, as recently reported on IceNews.

Thordarson told RUV that the whole affair has been a serious blow to staff morale and the department as a whole and that counsellors have been called in to console distressed tax workers. “We have (also) had many meetings, both internally and with others, and we believe that we will have a better and stronger tax administration following this case,” Thordarson said.

Police custody of the former employee in question, granted by magistrates, was yesterday extended for a further two weeks. Six individuals are being held over the case: two women and four men. Over 20 people are working on the investigation.

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