Iceland’s empty Bauhaus store still expected to open for business

The owners of the German DIY giant Bauhaus are standing by their decision to open a store in Iceland even though the company’s brand new superstore has been standing empty since its completion in 2008.

The founder of Bauhaus, Heinz Baus, visited Iceland to inspect the building last week along with the company’s head of Scandinavian operations. They are reported to have been impressed by the building and want it to open as soon as possible. The biggest deciding factor is the state of the Icelandic economy.

Bauhaus decided to open a large store in Iceland near to Reykjavik during the economic boom and the building was completed and some staff had even been hired when the banking collapse hit in autumn 2008. The entire project was then put on hold due to the collapse of the Icelandic krona.

Mads Jorgensen, CEO of Bauhaus in Scandinavia, told RUV it still waits to be seen when the shop will open – adding that the economic outlook is now much brighter, meaning he hopes the store will open relatively soon.

Photo: Bauhaus store in Iceland from

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