Norway arrests al-Qaida suspects

Three men have been arrested under suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in Norway.

The three are all Norwegian residents, but one of the men was arrested in Germany.

One man is a Norwegian citizen of Muslim Uighur origin, aged 39, from China. He first arrived in Norway in 1999, The Norway Post reports.

The second is an Iraqi citizen, 37, who was granted Norwegian residency on humanitarian grounds.

And the third man is from Uzbekistan, is 31 year-old and was granted permanent residency in Norway on grounds of family reunification.

Norway’s PST special police arrested the three today on grounds of planning terrorist attacks, but would not say where.

PST chief Janne Kristiansen said that after extensive long term monitoring, the arrests had been brought forward because foreign media were about to break the story earlier than Norwegian officials would have liked.

PST believes the three men were planning to use powerful bombs and are also extensively connected to other al-Qaeda suspects around the world, including in the USA and the UK.

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