Bobby Fischer’s grave exhumed

“The Supreme Court’s judgement has been carried out,” answered Selfoss District Commissioner Olafur Helgi Kjartansson when asked if Bobby Fischer’s remains have yet been exhumed.

The Supreme Court of Iceland ruled last month that the chess grand master’s remains be dug up in order to obtain a DNA sample. The case was brought by Marylin Young from the Philippines who is fighting to prove that her daughter, Jinky Young, is also Bobby Fischer’s daughter. reported before the weekend that the exhumation would take place within a week, and it has now been confirmed that the unpleasant procedure took place this morning.

Fischer was buried at Laugardaelakirkja church in South Iceland in 2008. Kjartansson confirmed that both a priest and a doctor were present at the exhumation.

(Photo: Marylin and Jinky Young with Bobby Fischer. Photo owned by Marylin Young, taken from

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