Be there gold in them there Icelandic hills?

iceland-sattelite21The Australian gold mining company, Platina Resources has applied for permission to search for gold and other metals in East Iceland.

Larus Olafsson, a lawyer for the Energy Agency of Iceland, told that Platina Resources first made contact a year ago and communications have now progressed to the point where the Australians decided to apply for an exploration permit.

Larus Olafsson explained that the company has gold operations in progress in Greenland and has therefore been in close contact with Iceland for goods and services.

“In the lead up to this requested varied information from us concerning the possibility for gold production in Iceland, including the legal status and other information,” Olafsson said. “This could prove an interesting test case.”

Asked whether any gold has ever been found in Iceland’s East fjords, Olafsson said he knows the company Isor has searched for it in the past and that he also knows the Australians have been in contact with Isor staff members.

1,260 landowners between Vopnafjordur and south of Breiddalsvik have been sent letters courting their opinion of the Australian company’s application.

There is one other gold searching permit in Iceland which was granted to Melmi ehf. in 2004 and was used for gold searches in the west and Westfjords.


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