South Iceland football team celebrating under volcano’s gaze

KFR-littleThe icelandic VISA Cup got fired up yesterday as KFR from Hvolsvollur played against Arborg only 30 kilometres away from the fiery volcano of Eyjafjallajokull.

KFR at their home ground were as powerful as the volcano and steamrolled Arborg’s defence and ended up scoring five goals against only three and are therefore through to the next round.

KFR is a 3rd division club in Iceland and will play seven home games this summer at Hvolsvollur under the constant threat of ash falling into the ground. If the winds change from westerly to easterly, it can literally prove a game-changer. It seems like great luck that the only few days the winds were blowing from the east the volcano slowed down enough so almost no ash has fallen on their home ground.

Hopefully their luck won’t change in the cup or with the winds

Article sent by Vésteinn Gauti Hauksson, KFR aficionado
Photo: Þorsteinn