Brazilian Secretary of National Justice might go to Iceland

ramosA week ago, a well known dangerous criminal, Hosmany Ramos from Brazil, was on his way from Norway to Canada when he was stopped in Keflavik, Iceland by police. He was found travelling on a false passport, which was his brother’s. Ramos has been sitting in a local prison in Reykjavik since his arrest.

The Brazilian Secretary of National Justice, Romeu Tuma Junior, has now said he is willing to travel to Iceland personally to discuss bringing Ramos back home to Brazil. There are Icelandic prisoners held in Brazilian prisons at the moment which would play into any potential trade of prisoners, because no formal extradition agreement exists between Brazil and Iceland, according to Frettabladid.

Ramos was charged almost 30 years ago for murdering his private pilot, as well as for burglary and smuggling. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He escaped Brazil during a Christmas leave last year and has never returned.

Ramos told Icelandic Stod2 (Channel 2) that his life is threatened in Brazil and would like to apply for political asylum in Iceland. He claims that prison life in Iceland is like a 4-star hotel. The fate of Ramos has not been decided yet.

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