Taliban commander warns Swedish soldiers they are targets

swedish soldiers afghanistanIn reprisal for the killing of three Taliban fighters by Swedish soldiers last week during an ambush on the all-Nordic patrol, a regional Taliban commander has come out and warned that all Swedes serving in Afghanistan are now priority targets.

Speaking to the TT news agency, the Taliban leader stated in an interview “Revenge will come. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But it will come. Swedes will be killed.”

The leader who spoke these ominous words is known as Zamir. He claims to be the second in command of the Taliban forces fighting in the province of Balkh in the north of the country. In his interview with TT, Zamir stressed that the Taliban and their supporters will never submit to foreign peacekeepers (ISAF) or the existing government in Afghanistan.

“Faith burns deep in our hearts and we’ll never resign ourselves to a foreign ceasefire. We’d rather die as martyrs,” he told TT. Zamir says he commands more than 60 fighters in the Chor Bolak district who are armed with Kalashnikovs, RPGs, and land mines. Their immediate goal is to disrupt the August 20 presidential elections in Afghanistan, and ultimately drive out the infidel intruders.

Asked by TT what Zamir would like to say to the people of Sweden, he said “Take home your soldiers, your young men. You have nothing to gain here, only death.” On the other hand, Zamir was quick to mention that Swedes would be welcomed by the Taliban “If you come without weapons to rebuild our poor, warn-torn country.”

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