Straight to the heart with Reykjavik Center Hotels

20797-048-edit2-150x150Reykjavik Center Hotels is a popular group of five highly individual places to stay dotted all over the heart of jumping Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. The weakened local currency and cheaper airfares are allowing more visitors to Iceland to choose all sorts of quality restaurants, hotels and private tours they may not have been able to just a year ago.

Center Hotels runs five hotels, all with very different styles and ambiences, but each located conveniently in the downtown area. Center Hotel guests soon come to appreciate not needing to rely on buses and expensive taxis.

Reykjavik Hotel Klopp is positioned near to the city’s most famous shopping street, Laugavegur, and on the edge of an unpretentious neighbourhood. Newly refitted with wooden floors and plush upholstery, the top storeys also enjoy Reykjavik’s gorgeous sea views. Hotel Klopp is also proud of its 40-person conference room, available at reasonable rates.

Next is Hotel Plaza, a refined and restful hotel in the city’s oldest neighbourhood. Hotel Plaza provides modern, uncomplicated luxury with excellent service and an even better location.

Hotel Skjaldbreid is a sunny and cheerful classically designed hotel, surrounded by excellent bars, cafés and restaurants on all sides. Hotel Skjaldbreid is the smallest Reykjavik Center Hotel and embodies the ideal chilled-out haven right on Reykjavik’s main shopping street. The comfortable communal lounge offers a bright and airy place to read the paper, enjoy free tea and coffee and strike up conversation with fellow travellers.

For those looking for something almost totally different there’s Hotel Thingholt. Located just of Laugavegur on the edge of the artistic Thingholt neighbourhood, this is a Reykjavik design hotel that uses Icelandic nature and folklore as inspiration for a sumptuously unique accommodation experience.

Equally stylish and unique is Hotel Arnarhvoll. Aside from the stunning sea views and unforgettable atmosphere, this newly-opened Scandinavian boutique hotel’s Panorama Restaurant is probably also one of the best and most ambitious restaurants in Iceland.

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