Icelandair preparing for Holland football invasion

icelandair-logo-back-wingThe Dutch and Icelandic men’s football teams will clash again in Reykjavik on 6th June after an October meeting in Rotterdam which Holland won 2-0. The Reykjavik match is the second leg in the countries’ qualification clash for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

As runaway group leaders, the Dutch are probably already packing their bags for South Africa; but third place Iceland still have a chance to join them and will be pushing their visitors hard in June.

Icelandair, Iceland’s biggest airline is one of the national soccer team’s biggest sponsors and also offers special deals for fans eager to see the game in person.

Icelandair has increased the size of its aircraft for departures around the time of the game and added two flights to its daily Amsterdam schedule.

Holland and Iceland last met on Icelandic soil in 1988. The two teams were together for Olympic qualifying that year and for European Cup qualifying in 1984. Both Iceland home games in those competitions ended in a draw.

“The Dutch team is very strong, but Our Boys (common Icelandic nickname for the team) have frequently shown how at home they are playing stronger teams on the world stage – especially if the support in the stadium is as powerful as recently,” the Icelandic ticketing website extols.

Football fans from the Netherlands are therefore eager to visit Iceland, if only to make some noise and put the Icelanders off their game!

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