Peace conference in Oslo Norway calls for peace through trade

The annual , taking place this Thursday 14th May in Oslo City Hall, will address the ethical and resonsibile aspects of business. The peace conference aims to guide stakeholders in societies to use opportunities created by natural resources effectively, while at the same time underpinning business ethics for a more ethically aware capitalism.

The event is due to cover three areas: Launch of the Natural Resource Charter, Business Ethics The Link Between Business and Peace, and The Oslo Business for Peace Award 2009 Ceremony.

Sitting on the award commitee for The Oslo Business for Peace Award 2009 will be Professor Muhammad Yunus, Winner of The Nobel Peace Prize 2006, Professor Wangari Muta Maathai, Winner of The Nobel Peace Prize 2004, and Professor A. Michael Spence, Winner of The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Studies in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2001.

Among guest speakers will be: Mr. Jan Egeland, Director of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Mr. Erik Solheim, Minister of the Environment and International Development, Anette Wiig Bryn, Commissioner for Business Development and Sports and Kjell Magne Bondevik, President of the Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights.

The Oslo Summit 2009 is arranged in collaboration between the Business for Peace Foundation, the City of Oslo, The Oslo Chamber of Commerce, Oslo World Trade Center, and the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights.

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