Finland loses more jobs in harsh times

nokia-factoryLong considered solidly rooted in Finland’s local economy, mobile phone giant Nokia has announced another round of job cuts that will affect some 1,700 of its employees across the globe. On 17 March these redundancies will take place, with Finland alone losing at least 700 jobs.

Most of the job cuts at Nokia will affect those working in the units of product research and development. But Juha Akras, Nokia’s Personnel Manager, told SIKUnews that the company will place as many of the redundant staff as possible in new positions within Nokia.

The latest round of staff cuts are part of Nokia’s plan to save 700 million euro throughout its entire global corporate structure. “We need to make cutbacks, we can’t save without cutbacks,” Akras admitted.

SIKUnews reports that the jobs in Finland will mainly disappear in the Helsinki area, Oulu, Tampere and Salo. Outside of Nokia’s home country the job cuts will mainly affect Great Britain and the United States.

Another major company set to lay off Finnish workers is Russia’s Norilsk Nickel. The mining company announced it will fire 164 employees working in Nikel, a town located next to the Norwegian border.


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