Johanna Sigurdardottir changes mind, becomes likely party leader

johannaJohanna Sigurdardottir, Prime Minister of Iceland has confirmed that she will stand as a candidate to become the next chairman of the Social Democrats, reports. Party members will vote for a new leader at their national convention held 27-29 March.

To date Johanna has said she does not want to be party leader, preferring to concentrate solely on being Prime Minister if her party does sufficiently well enough in the upcoming elections.

The MP said in a statement that she changed her mind due to the encouragement she has received from colleagues. Opinion within the Social Democrats remains strongly in favour of Sigurdardottir becoming leader.

Socialists have assumed the task of leading a left wing coalition immediately following the most serious crisis the country’s financial system has ever faced. The task at hand is therefore only just beginning, Sigurdardottir said.

Despite her initial reluctance to take on the job, Sigurdardottir said that her nomination also comes with a total commitment to the tasks that lie ahead for the party leader and the Prime Minister.

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