Searching for Iceland heroes

vikingIcelandic newspaper DV is searching for its first Hero of the Year. Readers are invited to send the name or names of those they deem worthy of the title DV Hero of 2008 for something remarkable they have done in the year now coming to an end.

All Icelandic citizens and people living in Iceland are eligible for the award and everybody is free to send in their recommendations. It makes no difference if the nominees are nationally famous, les well-known or not known at all; rich, poor or somewhere in the middle; “Outvasion Viking”, fishwife or exterminator – everyone is equal in this election.

If a nominee has not featured in the news for his/her heroics, then the nominator should include a description of why the nominee deserves the recognition. The winner will be decided by a specially selected judging panel, about which DV will release more details as they become available.

It is possible to send nominations either to the email address: [email protected] or send them to: Birtíngur útgafufélag, Lýnghalsi 5, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland. The deadline for applications is midnight 23rd December and the result will be announced around the New Year.

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