Scandinavia slips on corruption list

under the microscopeThe latest Transparency International list still ranks the Nordic countries as the least corrupt on earth, but significant slips for Norway and Iceland show others are catching up.

Iceland is in 7th place on the latest Transparency International corruption list. Iceland used to top the list of least corrupt nations ahead of Finland just two years ago, but has now fallen. Iceland’s current score is 8.9, but used to be 9.2 before, reports.

Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand received the organisation’s highest scores this time round, with a high score being awarded for low institutional corruption.

Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand were awarded 9.3 points, Singapore 9.2, Finland and Switzerland 8.9 and Australia and Canada 8.7. Notable changes in this year’s list include Norway’s fall from 9th to 14th place in the list and Russia’s placing in 147th – the lowest it has been since 2000.

In total there are 183 countries on the Transparency International list. The lowest country was Somalia, with a score of one. Next lowest were Iraq and Burma on 1.3, Haiti on 1.4, Afghanistan with 1.5 and Sudan with 1.6 points.

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