Alleged extremist militants go on trial in Denmark

justiceThe trial of two alleged Islamic militants, who stand accused of planning a bomb attack in Copenhagen, has begun. Although the two 22 year-old men have denied the terrorism charges, they admitted to making triacetone triperoxide (TATP) in their apartment, claiming it was going to be used for fireworks.

Danish intelligence agencies earlier stated the suspects had links to al-Qaida, but the charges read out in court did not include this. Prosecutors presented hidden video footage showing the two men testing explosive materials in their Copenhagen apartment building. The explosive material tested was the same used by the bombers in the 2005 terrorist attacks in London in which 52 people were killed.

Denmark’s PET intelligence service had been watching the men for some time, and had received a tip-off from a foreign intelligence agency that one of the men may recently have returned to Denmark from a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. The intended targets of alleged plot are still unknown, but additional video footage shows the Pakistani defendant in his Copenhagen apartment saying he was readying himself for martyrdom.

Bomb manuals were found in both men’s apartments, and although the defendants remain silent there is evidence that some act of terrorism was being planned. If convicted, they could receive life in prison. The verdict is expected on October 23.