Olympic dreams dashed for Danish dope cyclist

bikeAfter testing positive for the banned substance EPO, Danish Olympic mountainbiker Peter Riis Andersen was kicked off Denmark’s cycling team. The incident, which comes days before the start of the Beijing Olympics, is a major blow to the hopes of the national team, reports AP.

Andersen, the national cycling champion of Denmark, admitted to illegally taking EPO drugs. He told local newspaper Copenhagen Posten that he felt his performance during the spring was not strong enough to maintain his spot on the cycling team. He took six EPO pills prior to the European Championship in May and again afterwards in June.

In standard procedures prior to the Beijing Olympics this month, Anti-Doping Danmark ran tests on the entire Danish cycling team. During these trials, the Danmark lab confirmed that both the A and B tests of Andersen were positive for EPO.

Upon learning the doping news, the German ALB-Gold Mountainbike team fired him, according to Copenhagen Posten. Andersen won a silver medal in the 100km race this year at the European Championships, and was just named Danish national champion.