Icelandic farmers readying for South Iceland show

icelandic-horsesThis year’s Agricultural Exhibition at Hella will be a celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the South Iceland Farmers Association. Taking place between 22nd and 24th August, the exhibition is hoped to be one of the largest agricultural shows in Iceland for many years.

Just as much a family event with exciting activities and interesting exhibits each day, the agricultural show in South Iceland is not just for farmers by any means.

Organisers believe the show should help introduce as many people as possible to what modern Icelandic farming is really like. They therefore believe that making the Hella event into a tourist attraction is both good for visitors and also good for spreading a positive image for farmers and their products.

The new South Iceland travel website, is carrying details of the Agricultural Exhibition at Hella 2008.

The Icelandic travel website, aims to be a complete source of information for visitors to South Iceland, including details on accommodation, tours and activities, museums and galleries, as well as big events like the Agricultural Exhibition.

Agricultural machinery, plant protection and fertilisers, livestock care and breeding, fruit growing, hunting, forestry and the Icelandic horse are among the areas visitors to the Agricultural Exhibition at Hella 2008 will be able to learn about interactively.

In fact, there will be opportunity to interact personally with the horses and see them compete in a mini horse show and competition. The Agricultural Exhibition takes place at the same showground as the world-famous Landsmot Icelandic horse festival., the , describes the beautiful region as a place where: “Everything that makes Iceland interesting to visit can be found the year around. Here history follows you at every footstep, both ancient and recent. There is creative art, culture and flourishing trade and endless possibilities to enjoy the outdoor life in all seasons”.

For more information on the Agricultural Exhibition at Hella 2008, visiting South Iceland in general, or just to see the stunning and extensive photography, visit .

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