Another polar bear spotted in Iceland

Polar bear IcelandBarely two weeks after a polar bear was shot by police in northern Iceland, another sighting has just been confirmed in the same area. The bear is on Hraun Farm in the Skagafjordur region.

Polar bears drift to Iceland on stray ice, usually just once every decade or two. Standard procedure has been to shoot the bears to protect people and livestock.

The bear shooting two weeks ago sparked international debate, as the polar bear is now deemed an endangered species. Many believed the bear should have been tranquilised and sent home to Greenland; but the police defended their decision, saying the bears are very fast, conditions were foggy and many people had gathered in the area.

It is unprecedented for two polar bears to be seen in Iceland in the same region in such a short period of time. This time police have cordoned off the area and banned onlookers.

Further reports to follow on the bear’s fate.

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